Introduction :
Mahaveer Jain Mitra Mandal is a Jain organization. It plays an important role of Jain Bhakti- Sangeet and Social Service. The mandal have completed 32 years in the year 2001 and have 34 members. The mandal have achieved good popularity for Bhakti-Sangeet in Pune and in Maharashtra State, India.

This Jain Mandal was established in the year 1969 and was named Mahaveer Jain BalMandal. The age of the members that time was only between 10 to 14 years. The mandal's first instrument was purchased by contributing 10 paisa's from each member that was total Rs. 24. The instruments were "Dholak" and "Taal".

Logo :
     The Logo of Mandal shows Service (seva) and Music (bhakti-sangeet) and the face of Lion shows the symbol of God Mahaveer.


Instruments :
Mandal have a large numbers of Electronic Digital music instruments which are being played by the mandal's member itself.

Geet Ganga Sthavanavali (Book) :
This is a book which was published first in the year 1973 and contains information on jain stotra's and Sthavans. Now in the year 2001 it have completed 28 issues. In the year 1994 i.e. mandal's Silver Jubilee year , Smruti Sthavanavali was published. It contained detailed information about Mandal's achievements, social services and many more.


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