Blood Donation Camp : In 1980, We organised a blood donation camp on Mahaveer Jayanti day i.e. 29th March with the help of K.E.M. Hospital and collected 125 blood bottles. This camp was completed under the guidance of  Human Service Organisation.


Free Spectacles : In 1981, on the prosperous day of Mahaveer jayanti we organised a camp of distributing spectacle for poor and needed people. The guest for this camp were Ex-Collector Mr. Rambhau Vadke, Bhimraj Shah, also Dr. Madhusudan Zawar (Eye-Specialist).


Rajasthan & Gujrat Flood : In rajasthan and gujrat there was a big flood. So our mandal 

Raigad village flood  : In maharashtra, the village of raigad was flown by the flood.




Gujarat EarthQuake Help: In 2001 year there was the biggest earthquake in India. The injured victims were brought to pune hospitals (sasoons). Our Mandal with help of Himmat Charitable Trust made the arrangement of distributing food to the victims.

Himmat Jain Charitable Trust Jain Bhojanshala : Our Mandal is now managing the pune city based Bhojanshala named " Himmat Jain Bhojanshala " from 25/09/1999. Our Members take an active part to managed day by day routine of managing it properly. The Bhojanshala has a capacity of 60 persons at one time.